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Obedience Courses


Basic Obedience — Private Lessons
dog looking up to owner waiting to go wa

This four-week course of private lessons will cover the basic commands including (but not limited to): sit, walk on a loose lead, down, stay and come. We will also cover some basic home grooming tips.


I teach a balance of positive reinforcement and prompt corrections to help the dog do what is asked of them the first time. Even if you or your dog has had some past training, the approach used in this class and the information provided can enhance your dog’s reliability to obey with enthusiasm.


Basic obedience provides a great foundation for you and your dog by learning skills that can be built on with further training, enabling your dog to be reliable while off leash (which is taught in my more advanced classes).

This Basic Obedience course is $350 and includes four 1-hour private sessions with up to two handlers.

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