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How long will my dog be there?

Most dogs are in the salon between 60 and 90 minutes. Larger dogs and dogs with excess coat or matting may take longer. We do not typically keep dogs for longer than their grooming time and expect pickup within 30 minutes of completion.

Will my dog be with other dogs?

If we still have a dog on the table when you drop your pooch off, your dog will typically hang out with me in the grooming room. There are always toys and a dog bed or two not to mention a pet or two. We do NOT put any dogs together that do not arrive together. They may be in the same room, but are always separated by a physical barrier and directly supervised.   

What are your prices?

Pricing for full grooms is based on breed, condition of coat, and behavior of dog and therefore it isn't one size fits all. Prices at Bandanas are competetive with other nearby salons while providing a small boutique atmosphere and individual attention. Call or text for an estimate and appointment.


What is your process?

  1. Full grooms start with you and a discussion of what you would like done and if there have been any issues or changes since the last time we saw you.

  2. Once your dog is in our care we typically go over the dog with a quick brushing assessing for matting or skin issues. If excessive matting is found the dog is shaved prior to bathing.

  3. Nails are clipped using either clippers or the grinder. 

  4. Bath time! During the bath ears are cleaned and teeth are brushed (teeth done as an add on only).

  5. Towel drying is often a favorite for dogs where we get a bit of play while dring. 

  6. Your bestie is now blown dry. Dogs with heavy, long or very curly coats are first dried with the high veloicty dryer followed with hand drying on the grooming table. As a general rule we do not cage dry dogs. We find that the coat looks much better totally dried by hand. During the drying process the coat is 

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